Hi there!

Hello! I'm Jack, an enthusiastic and hard-working student with experience in social media, event management, and community relations. I love being active outdoors, listening to records, and anything where I can talk to people. Connecting and engaging with others is truly where my passion is. 

I am currently pursuing a Bachelors of Science in Public Relations, with an expected graduation date of December, 2024. Upon graduation, I am looking to continue working in the communications and PR space with a career in community engagement, event management, or social media managment. 

Personal Code of Ethics

  • I will be honest in my work and personal life: Upholding honesty in personal and professional situations will ensure that I am acting appropriately and with the best intentions. It is important to act in a transparent and honest manner in all interactions because the public and others deserve the truth and lying or not being 100% transparent is an act of disrespect to others.
  • I will take the situations of others into consideration when navigating difficult situations and decisions: By taking the situations of others into consideration I can ensure that people are being treated with the respect that they deserve and that their dignity is being protected, even in an unethical situation. This guideline is the pinnacle of my code of ethics, ensuring that I am empathetic, honest, and treating others with respect. I am dedicated to being considerate of the situations of the public and others when navigating ethical decisions.
  • I will treat others with respect by asking myself “am I doing the right thing?”: By asking myself in situations that don’t have a clear answer if I am doing the right thing, I will be able to take a step back and reflect on the situation as a whole. By doing this I can also examine all possible solutions and outcomes and determine which will allow for the most respect for others to be shown.
  • I will be humble in my personal and professional life while acknowledging my own success: By practicing humility in my personal and professional lives when acknowledging wins and successes I can ensure that the dignity of others is being protected. Made clear in all of my ethical statements, respect for others is of the utmost importance and by acknowledging my wins in a humble manner I can ensure that this value is protected.
  • I will be creative and enthusiastic in my work to ensure the best possible results: By ensuring that I am creative and enthusiastic in my work I will make sure that any projects I work on are done to the best of my ability. This is important because if I am completing work that is not done to the best of my ability it is a disservice to the target audience of the organization, campaign, or project.
  • I will exercise patience and empathy towards others: Empathy towards others is the cornerstone of situational ethics. By practicing empathy towards others, I can ensure that I am examining the situations of others when navigating difficult or unethical situations and decisions, which is one of the most important aspects of my code of ethics